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2015 was truly incredible, from our 'World Premier' at Sage Gateshead to our first International Tour in the Persian Gulf, performing in UAE, Oman and Qatar

'The Legacy' Live from Dubai

World Premiere - The Sage Gateshead

Murphy’s Celtic Legacy debuted on Saturday 31st January 2015 and has since become an International selling Irish Dance show


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Murphy's Celtic Legacy's Official Promotional Trailer

Irish Dance Reborn

Former ‘Lord of The Dance’ star present ‘Murphy’s Celtic Legacy’ a fantastic new Irish Dance show filled with original music & choreography.

North East born Chris Hannon, a former lead dancer in ‘Lord Of The Dance’, has created and choreographed the new Irish Dance sensation which started its world tour on December 2015 and will continue on into 2016. Chris has brought in the best Irish Dancers and Musicians from around including stars from RiverDance and Lord of the Dance.

John Elliott, Composer from Loft Music commented, “There is a specific kind of magic living inside Irish Music; both light and dark. I’m trying to harness that and then shake it up a little.”

Murphy’s Celtic Legacy debuted its world premiere at The Sage Gateshead on 31 January 2015 and proved successful amongst the crowd.

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  • There is a specific kind of magic living inside Irish Music; both light and dark. I'm trying to harness that and then shake it up a little.

    John Elliott - Composer & Musical Director - Murphy's Legacy
  • Murphy's Legacy was exciting and brilliant. The long applause was well deserved.

    The Journal UK
  • It's really exciting to be working on a project of this scale and vision. We are bringing together some exceptional talents in dance, choreography, stage production and music to create a world-class spectacle.

    Andrew Archer - Business Adviser

Latest News about the show

26 May 2016

Did you catch us on MSC Splendia??

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Murphy’s Celtic Legacy was proud to be part of the Entertainment aboard MSC Splendia and wow guests from Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, UK and Bulgaria. Watch our for us appearing across MSC this summer
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